As an introduction to his sound and style, Koockin & Juggin is an alternative hip hop anthem with a classic darkness to it that conjures up memories of the most confident and striking acts from way back when. In this case, there’s a contemporary freshness to the trap beat, the haunting rise of the piano, and the unforgiving determination and grit in the vocal tone.” - Rebecca Cullen

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Cheflodeezy is a Jamaican born Miami rapper. Deezy moved to Opa Locka, Miami at the age of 9 where he lived with his mom and younger brother. Deezy found his love for music as a teenager at Miami Central High, when his best friend at the time introduced him to the beat making platform Fruity Loops. After high school, Deezy fell into the street life. By the age of 21 he had multiple arrests, struggled with homelessness and the loss of a few close friends to gun violence. After almost going to prison for undisclosed cases and the birth of his first child llamiyah, Deezy decided to change his life. 

The Miami rapper went to culinary school and pursued a career as a professional chef. This is where he got the nick name “Cheflodeezy”. He free-styled and had other students listen to his music on a daily basis. After graduating culinary school, Deezy began to climb in the hospitality industry. Cheflodeezy started to literally blow up in the culinary word where he was featured in SoHo House world magazine as a rising star on Deco drive, and cooking for various celebrities on visits. Never letting his love for music die, Cheflodeezy went to recording studios on his days off and wrote music before and after work on most days. Still dream chasing and dropping music weekly, Cheflodeezy does this for the love of the craft.

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Consistency and hits, a combination that creates legends in the music industry. It’s only fair to give Cheflodeezy his flowers for never slipping. Residing in the Miami area is the rapper Cheflodeezy that has made his way into the industry spotlight with his polished workflow and ability to drop fire every time he touches the booth. 2021 is going to be no different with the intentions that the rapper has up his sleeve. Cheflodeezy is prepping the release of visuals not only for his three singles, but two mixtapes as well before the summer...READ MORE


Cheflodeezy is an artist that has been putting on for his city of Miami. The rapper has a work ethic that produces consistent hits and builds the rapper’s fanbase at a rate far more quickly than others in the game. His perseverance and ambition to be more than a rapper that comes and goes has taken him to a level ahead of those getting sidetracked by distractions in the industry. Cheflodeezy has a history of blessing his fans with songs that never miss their mark and he is projected to release visuals for his three songs that make his previous work look like just a warmup...READ MORE


Reggae and dancehall music has always had an influence on music of all genres. Unless you live under a rock or are just not into music you can recall that Beenie Man and Bounty Killa, the two biggest names in dancehall music in the past 3 decades, had an epic Verzuz battle. Verzuz being the uber popular Instagram originated catalog battle between performers and their preeminent contemporaries. The brainchild of Swizz Beats and Timbaland. That Verzuz battle had over 400,000 participants...READ MORE



Music is food for the soul. Immaculate dishes and immaculate songs are a way of life for Cheflodeezy. Most rappers aren’t licensed culinary chefs, but Cheflodeezy is. Kingston, Jamaica, and Miami, Florida, each has a rich history in food and music. Those two places shaped the man known to the world as Cheflodeezy.   READ MORE

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